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Andrea DiamantiniSep 2, 2011 3:20 am 
Subject:[rekonq] 0.8 beta in one week (or so)
From:Andrea Diamantini (
Date:Sep 2, 2011 3:20:54 am

Hi all,

just a short notice here to say I'm going to release 0.8 beta in one week. This will probably contain the actual code plus (eventually) these merge requests: - Unify reloading methods... ( - change "Paste & go" ... ( - highlight host... ( - optionally close window... ( - open links from external... (

I'm not aware of other part of code (enough small) to be merged in time for beta release. I expect after its beta release a full month of hard debugging/bugfixing of the actual code to release a super strong tested new version, so please spend some time of your (programming) day, reading bugs opened in bugzilla ( and help closing/fixing them.

Release 0.8 will be targetted against QtWebkit 2.0 as there is no enough time to test it against a released new QtWebKit. I'm planning to release a 0.9 new one around Christmas, with these main news: - QtWebKit 2.2 full tested (and hopefully required) - Tirtha's GSOC about tabs handling - a stable "sync" feature Eventually some initial job will start about a plugin support mechanism.

Here you are, plans releaved :) Please, help me reporting, testing, fixing bugs around master code.


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