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Subject:Re: [ATTN MENTOR] Re: DISCUSS: Ripple as a sub-project of Cordova
From:Filip Maj (
Date:Jul 26, 2012 10:04:57 am

In my mind the core issue is about community, not about development.

With that in mind, and taking Ross' point below, I think it makes sense to have it as a stand-alone project.

However, with respect to Jukka's question about development _of_ Ripple, there is certainly an overlap and integration between Cordova and Ripple development. Gord and I have talked about how, when a new platform makes its way into Cordova and has the start of a full implementation, the first step would be to take the platform's JavaScript implementation and run the Cordova test suite inside of Ripple (before even going to the platform's emulator / device). This is already in a way exhibited by Tizen essentially using Ripple as their simulator in the first place.

So in conclusion: both are viable paths IMO, and we do not get to a conclusion haha.

What about the idea of introducing Ripple into Cordova for the start, and then later splitting it out? Seems like then we could kick-start Ripple's exposure and community/committer interaction by leveraging what Cordova already has. If that sounds acceptable, then my question would be, at what point does it make sense to put Ripple into its own top-level project?

On 7/26/12 7:53 AM, "Ross Gardler" <> wrote:

+1 to everything Jukka said below.

Another way of looking at it is "will the Ripple community be a sub-set of the Cordova community", if yes then sub-project is probably best. If not, i.e. there will be members of the Ripple community who are not also members of the Cordova community, then it probably ought to be a separate project to maximise its visibility as a separate community.

On 26 July 2012 15:25, Jukka Zitting <> wrote:


On Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 4:06 PM, <> wrote:

There is a lot of overlap between the cordova and ripple communities and I was originally hoping to foster their community into ours ;)

I guess the main question here is whether Cordova committers will be working on / looking at Ripple code and vice versa on a regular basis. If that's the case (i.e. there's significant overlap in actual development activity), then having the codebases in one project is a good approach. weinre is a good example of such a case.

If not (for example if separate mailing lists are needed, etc.), then it's best for both codebases to have their own projects even if there's overlap on the level of individual committers.

The decision on this doesn't need to be final, as projects can always split or merge projects later on, but starting with at least a good approximation of the ultimate or ideal community/project structure will of course make things much easier.