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Subject:Bug#41553: IMAP folders depth only three
From:Carsten Burghardt (
Date:Apr 24, 2002 3:26:23 pm

Am Mittwoch, 24. April 2002 19:00 schrieb Kent Sandvik:

Hi, we have a cyrus IMAP server running, works fine with Mozilla 0.99. I actually suspect maybe issues with moving from the earlier KMail to this version, it didn't have fully sub-folder support, and there are some ghost-folders in the directory that are deleted, but still shown under KMail. What's the place to really wipe out the earlier tree structure? I tried to delete the account, and add it in, but saw the same problem -- so I suspect the IMAP tree structure is cached somewhere and that causes problems now later. Thx, Kent

Just delete your ~/.kde3/share/apps/kmail/imap/<accountname> directory after you deleted the account.

Volker Augustin wrote:

The IMAP folder level is only three levels deep, from Inbox forward. In other words, if there's another level of mailboxes they are not shown.

Inbox.main.folder - OK Inbox.main.folder.subfolder - not shown

It works without problems here, i.e. I have Inbox/KDE/temp/a/b/c so it's at least not a general problem.

What kind of IMAP server software is running on your IMAP server? Could you please try with another IMAP-capable mail program if it has the same problem? If yes, then it is probably a server problem and/or restriction.

Regards, Volker Augustin