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Subject:Re: [xwiki-devs] [Contrib] Redmine-Macro
From:O.J. Sousa Rodrigues (
Date:Aug 18, 2014 7:29:09 am

* I see that you don’t have any JIRA project for your Redmine Macro. We can create one for you so that users can report issues or improvements (or anyone working on the project)

Please create the project for this macro, thank you!

* The macro artifact id was not correct and I’ve just fixed it. I’ve also added a better .gitignore. I’ve also removed tabs in the pom.xml and replaced them with 2 spaces (this is one of the best practice we follow for XML files when developing the XWiki project. You don’t have to follow them for your Redmine project though. In case you’re interested they are defined here:

I extended the information on how to set those settings for eclipse, though someone might review it ;)

* I’ve renamed the Redmine page on e.x.o to to make it nicer for SEO… I’ve also updated the file.

Perfect! I had it like that at first.

* I’d suggest to rename the space from Redmine-Macro to RedmineMacro or just Redmine. We don’t usually use “-“ in space names.


* Why not have a single {{redmine}} Macro. I think it would be simpler to remember/type than “listRedmineIssues” and “listRedmineQueryResult” :). AFIU the second one lists all issues so you could decide that if there are no “issues” parameters specified then all issues are listed, or something like that.

Sure thing, i implement just one parameter "param", accepting either issues or issue querys.

* I’d suggest to rename the pages: "Redmine-Macro List” -> RedmineListMacro, “Redmine-Macro Issue” -> “RedmineIssueMacro”. In case you accept the previous suggestion, a single RedmineMacro page would be better of course ;)

Both are merged now into one as sugegsted: "RedmineMacro".

The redmine macro is released at version 6 containing all those changes above. Wiki page will be updated asap. Thank you sir! You guys have been very patient and always at it, thank you for that and for this amazing plattform.


Thanks again and let me know if I can be of any help! -Vincent

On 8 Aug 2014 at 20:58:59, O.J. Sousa Rodrigues ( ( wrote:

Hi there!

As described in ( i should ask here to get an account for the nexus on http://nexus.xwiki.o rg in order to be able to a macro. The extension / macro i want to release can be found here:

After the release i will create the documentation at .

XWiki username: vfzevaze Github username: 4F2E4A2E

Best regards, OJ, Sousa Rodrigues