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Joseph FischettiOct 16, 2017 7:16 am 
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Subject:Re: Stale reloading reservations
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Yes, you can delete the reservations. However, you'll need to delete them from the request table, which will also cause the records in the reservation table to be deleted. Anything that would cause a vcld process to terminate in the middle of processing a reservation would leave entries like these. While a vcld process is handling a reservation, it sets request.stateid to pending so that the main vcld process knows it is being handled by another process. If the vcld process handling a reservation terminates, request.stateid is left as pending and the reservation is never picked up again.

After deleting the request entries (you can safely delete any with request.state = 14 that don't have a corresponding vcld process), you'll probably want to go ahead and reload the VMs through the Edit Computer Profiles part of the site so that what the computer is actually loaded with is in sync with what is recorded in the database.


On Monday, October 16, 2017 10:16:11 AM EDT Joseph Fischetti wrote:

Hi, I have a few (6) stale "pending|reload" reservations (from vclreload@Local) listed in my dashboard, and the machines that are attached to these reservations say "reload" for their status.

I'm wondering if I can simply delete the reservations from the reservations table, and mark the machines as available, without any adverse effects.

Example from the dashboard: Start ReqID User Computer States Image Install Type Management Node Thu 10:51 1030 vclreload@Local PF1-VM04 pending|reload MSProjectWin764 vmware v cl-pfmn

Example database row (lastcheck is the same for all 6 reservations, within a few seconds) id requestid computerid imageid imagerevisionid managementnodeid remoteIP l astcheck pw connectIP connectport 1030 1030 16 12 14 2 NULL 2017-09-21 11:53:09 NULL NULL NULL

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