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Subject:Re: New GlassFish committer: Wolfram Rittmeyer
From:Wolfram Rittmeyer (
Date:Feb 15, 2009 5:36:28 am

Jan Luehe wrote:

I have the pleasure to announce that Wolfram Rittmeyer (writtmeyer) has been accepted as a GlassFish committer.


hups - that's a nice surprise ;-) I have been following GlassFish's progress for at least a year and have been involved in mailing lists, the FishCAT program, have blogged about it (in German and English) and even written two articles about v2 in a German Java magazine. Thus I feel really honoured to be accepted as a committer!

This nevertheless came as quite a surprise - after all - despite being active in other ways - this was my first patch to GlassFish.

Of course I am happy about this decision and I hope that I can keep up the quality of my submissions.

There is of course the general problem of GlassFish development procedures - of which I do not know much. Well I guess I will find on the wiki - though for new developers it has to be improved. I stumbled upon some lacks in documentation during my development and am planning to provide either new pages or enhance existing ones.

Thanks again,

Wolfram recently submitted a high-quality patch for a feature enhancement, see His patch was quite extensive, and covered both the webcontainer and deployment backend parts of GlassFish.

I committed Wolfram's patch on his behalf earlier this morning. Wolfram has also provided a unit test for his feature enhancement, and integrated it into our existing unit test harness.

Wolfram, who is the author of the German JSP-Tutorial (, has been very pleasant to work with, and has shown great interest in GlassFish: He has been active on the Glassfish mailing lists, and has published interesting blogs (see about GlassFish, including a blog with useful tips on migrating web applications from Tomcat to GlassFish, and a blog on the virtual server capabilities in GlassFish.

Wolfram has received the endorsement of various GlassFish committers and community members, including jfarcand, hzhang_jn, ameliaroh, pelegri, and myself.

Congratulations on this well-deserved achievement, Wolfram, and welcome on board!