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This question would have been more appropriate for the Nexus user list, but I'll answer here as well. For Nexus there are three alternatives:

1. Deploy via the maven-deploy-plugin (deploy-file goal) 2. Deploy through the UI 3. Use Nexus REST API to deploy

There is also a possible forth option. You could copy the necessary files (create the right dirs and copy jars and poms) directly to the file system and issue a reindex job in Nexus.

Please post follow up questions to the Nexus list!


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I was using a repository that was served by maven proxy. Now I will have to use a new version of maven (2.2.1) with a nexus repo.

The old repo had libraries that are not in the new one, and I wanted to take the missing libs from my local maven cache and deploy them on the new nexus repo. Another alternative would be to export the libs from the old repo for importing to the new repo, but I don't know if that is possible. How do I do that ?

Thanks in advance

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