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Marcel OverdijkAug 23, 2007 2:45 pm 
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Subject:Re: [grails-dev] Seperate script for installing message bundles?
From:Marc Palmer (
Date:Aug 23, 2007 3:10:10 pm

On 23 Aug 2007, at 22:45, Marcel Overdijk wrote:

By default all messages_*.properties are copied into a new app during create-app.

In case someone is not interested in supporting other locales, and does not pay attention to these automatically copied message_*.properties, it could happen that the application is suddenly giving error message for a specific locale. And perhaps unwanted.

Imagine an application is created without i18n, so let's say an English only application. The dev does not delete the message_*.properties and the application goes live. Now when I log in with a Dutch locale set in my browser I will get Dutch validation errors in a English application. Not desired I think!

So I think it would be bets to copy only when creating a new app, and that we create an "install-messages" gant script, with optional cl locale argument. This would then copy in additional message files.

What do you guys think? If agreed I will pick it up... In fact I played already with a new script ;-)

Well I think it is more likely you do want localization rather than not. It will still fall back to if nothing is found in message_XX won't it?