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Subject:junit problem w/JUnitTask and/or ZipException
From:Mike D'Ambrogia (
Date:Aug 28, 2003 6:51:16 am

I gotta be doing something really stupid here, somewhat new to both Java and ANT so if my issue this has the itchy "newbie feel" to it then you'll know why. My money is on a classpath conflict issue, but I can't for the life of me figure out what/where.

I've put all the console output text (ANT diagnostic, ant -debug junit, build.xml snippet, etc) at, too much info to include here. file size is 77k or so.

Junit 3.8.1 and ANT 1.5.3, j2sdk1.4.1_03 on Win XP Home SP1a. I have confirmed that optional.jar in c:\ant\lib does contain JUnitTask at I've also run all 3 of the junit sample tests without issue from the command line. Using netbeans 3.5.1 as my IDE, and the test(s) all run without issue from inside the IDE.

I'm having trouble with a junit task generating a JUnitTask.execute error on my testfile DBObjectTest.class:

build.xml [51] Test DbObjectTest failed at a:568) at a:527) at at at at at at at at at at at at

and I get this error too which doesn't make sense:

Ignoring Exception error in opening zip file reading resource DbObjectTest.class from C:\Documents and Settings\miked\My Documents\ir-dev\jUnit\com\iroyalty\db\DbObjectTest.class

my text files are not in a .jar/zip so I'm not sure why I'm getting a ZipException issue

the dir tree for src and test look like

src = C:\Documents and Settings\miked\My Documents\ir-dev\jsp\WEB-INF\classes\com\iroyalty\db tests = C:\Documents and Settings\miked\My Documents\ir-dev\jUnit\com\iroyalty\db

build file snippet is currently this:

<target name="junit" description="start here"> <junit haltonfailure="yes" printsummary="yes" showoutput="yes"> <batchtest> <fileset dir="C:\Documents and Settings\miked\My Documents\ir-dev\jUnit\com\iroyalty\db" includes="*Test.class"/> </batchtest> </junit> </target>

All help appreciated,