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Brad AllenOct 29, 2009 11:47 am 
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Subject:Re: [python-advocacy] anti-python sponsored ad on Google
From:Paul Boddie (
Date:Oct 29, 2009 5:18:22 pm

On Thursday 29 October 2009 20:16:43 Broadus Jones wrote:

I looked at the site. Indeed, the ad and site are difficult to understand what the owner is promoting. The individual dislikes python, git, and several other products. I could not tell what he actually likes, though. He will not have much impact on python.

I looked at Google's cached version of the site, found by searching for " Python". The author quotes someone called "Tuomo Valkonen" who would appear to be a less well-read version of Xah Lee (and who was interviewed by OSNews at one point, so we can guess at the level involved here), and although they touch on some "Python warts", they come across as some kind of Lisp advocate who wished that Ruby had been as successful as Python [*]. A cursory analysis of their grammar suggests that they may have Russian or a Slavic language as their first language (and there's a link to a Russian language "success story" - probably another bitter rant) at the bottom of the page. Not that this really means anything, of course.

Maybe some of the misconceptions could be addressed in the documentation (and I've heard disdain for Python's "objects are dictionaries" model from C++ fanatics), but Python's best advocacy comes from facing up to legitimate issues and ignoring the bile and the bitterness that this person obviously has.


[*] I did notice some sympathy in some Lisp circles for Ruby, presumably because Paul Graham had once said nice things about Python and this may have caused some people to reconsider who their role models were as a result.