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Subject:Re: [zfs-discuss] LTFS and LTO-5 Tape Drives
From:Joerg Schilling (
Date:Aug 4, 2010 2:03:26 am

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Has anyone looked into the new LTFS on LTO-5 for tape backups? Any idea how this
would work with ZFS? I'm presuming ZFS send / receive are not going to work. But
it seems rather appealing to have the metadata properly with the data, and being
able to browse files directly instead of having to rely on backup software,
however nice tar may be. Has anyone used this with OpenSolaris, or have an
opinion on how this would work in practice? Thanks!

What do you understand by "nice tar"?

For a backup, you need reliable incrementals (you get this from star) and reliable multi-volume handling (this is what you also get from star).