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Subject:License manager
From:Kalle Kiviaho (
Date:Apr 28, 1999 1:46:15 pm

"Carey F. Cox" wrote:

Has anyone successfully incorporated a Win95 app that uses FlexLM license manager on a Samba file system. I would be extremely interested in talking with you as we are trying to install Parametric Technology's ProEngineer on our Samba file server. We do have a copy of the Unix version of the license manager, but I am not sure how I can get the Win95 client to talk to it.

We have had this running for 6 months now.

First install the licenseserver locally on the to-be license machine.

And after that install the software on a network drive.

The information on how to find the licenseserver is configured during the software installation, so the licenseserver has to be running before the software installation can be started.

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