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Ed BrattOct 27, 2010 9:34 pm 
Subject:[Jersey] Final notice -- First wave projects to begin migration tonight
From:Ed Bratt (
Date:Oct 27, 2010 9:34:01 pm

Final Notice!

The projects listed below, will begin migration to Kenai infrastructure, midnight, Wed. Oct. 27th. During this period these projects will be locked. Project content will be read-only until the migration process is completed. E-Mail to the migrating project lists will not be delivered. We anticipate this process taking through Tuesday Nov. 2.

* *Atmosphere* * *Grizzly* * *JAXP* * *Jersey* * *Metro* o *jax-ws* + *JAX-WS commons* (jax-ws-commons) + *Sourcecode for JAX-WS* (jax-ws-sources) + *JAX-WS RI Unit Test *(jaxwsunit) + *JAX-WS test harness* (ws-test-harness) o *mimepull* o *ws-policy* (policy) o *wsit* * *Open MQ (mq) * * *StAX-ex*

This is the first wave of GlassFish project migrations to the Kenai suite. If all goes to plan, the second phase will be scheduled for early in the second half of November.

During this transition period, we will provide updated status at the glassfish-migration wiki at kenai: You may also send an e-mail request to

During this transition, we encourage you to begin to familiarize yourself with the Kenai tools. We have started documents which should help with this:

Getting Started <> FAQ <> Migrating your GlassFish site <>

These will be updated as the process evolves so, please bookmark them, or use the RSS feed to monitor for updates.

Starting Tuesday Nov. 2, user transition notices will be e-mailed to all users. You will need to follow the directions to enable your new account. There are several hundred thousand notices which will be e-mailed so please be patient with this process.

(Please note: The GlassFish dev and user lists are copied for information only. The GlassFish project is not migrating in this wave.)