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Subject:Re: Videos unavailable breaks playlist. Fix?... (
Date:Aug 28, 2008 3:08:50 pm

I had a feed with roughly 12 videos working as of end of day, Tuesday. I came in Wednesday to see that one of my feeds was giving me a 500 error with the details of "Internal Error". If I replaced the feed with another one, code worked fine. If I accessed and looked at the feed directly, it seemed fine. On closer inspection I found that the FIRST TWO videos of the feed were pulled for copyright reasons, making them unavailable. This broke the feed. When I deleted them, feed worked fine.


On Aug 28, 6:02 pm, Daniel <> wrote:

If videos in a playlist become unavailable, they are simply skipped in the gdata response. Are you seeing a different behaviour?

On Aug 28, 5:24 pm, wrote:

If videos in a playlist become unavailable, the feed cannot be parsed via the API. Is this a bug or is there something I should do before to check to make sure all videos are available?