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Hudson BuildsMar 17, 2011 1:00 am 
Hudson BuildsMar 17, 2011 3:32 am 
Subject:[broken_builds] nbms-and-javadoc #6877: Fixed
From:Hudson Builds (
Date:Mar 17, 2011 3:32:39 am
List:org.netbeans.broken_builds Fixed:

[] Merge of

[Vince Kraemer <>] #196603 : domain fails to start after
server bits are updated via the GF update center

[Jesse Glick <>] merge

[Jesse Glick <>] #185619: "org.netbeans.modules.XXXX" actions
on Keymap option

[Jesse Glick <>] Automated merge with

[Jesse Glick <>] #196507: Maven - debugger stops at non
defined point while debugging single file

[Jesse Glick <>] #147793: Unit Test Runner does not include
package name of the class Surefire 2.4 has long been released and should be default for new projects. Any old projects using 2.3 or earlier can simply adjust the action mapping
(anyway only affects projects not using CoS for tests). Otherwise would need to introduce a new token which expanded to either className
or packageClassName based on PluginPropertyUtils.getPluginVersion(..., GROUP_APACHE_PLUGINS,
PLUGIN_SUREFIRE) and ComparableVersion, which seems overkill.

[Jesse Glick <>] More explicit instructions about masterfs,
as requested in #196363.

[Tomas Stupka <>] Automated merge with

[Tomas Stupka <>] populate username and password in
repository panel

[Tomas Stupka <>] always read password when retrieving
recent uri-s

[Tomas Stupka <>] workaround incorrect uriish initialization

[Tomas Stupka <>] minor cleanup

[Tomas Stupka <>] store recent urls in fetch

[Tomas Stupka <>] cleanup

[Tomas Stupka <>] smart uri preselection

[Tomas Stupka <>] unused imports, noi18n, ...

[] Automated merge with main-silver

[Jesse Glick <>] Automated merge with

[Jesse Glick <>] #196779: Building of dependent tests in
module suite broken Some more remnants of testdist in external modules that needed to be expunged.