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Kevin KlugeApr 15, 2012 9:29 pm 
Subject:[RESULT][VOTE] CloudStack for Apache Incubator
From:Kevin Kluge (
Date:Apr 15, 2012 9:29:10 pm

More than 72 hours have passed and the vote totals are:

21 Binding +1 votes 13 Non-binding +1 votes 0 +0 votes 0 -1 votes

Binding +1 votes from: Raymond Feng Olivier Lamy Jean-Baptiste Onofré Emmanuel Lécharny Mohammad Nour El-Din Alex Karasulu Ate Douma Matthew Franklin Daniel Kulp Davanum Srinivas Alan D. Cabrera Ralph Goers Dave Fisher Chris Mattmann Hadrian Zbarcea Marcel Offermans Gianugo Rabellino Tom White Arun C Murthy Jim Jagielski Matt Hogstrom

Based on this I understand that the vote has passed. We've reached out to the
infrastructure team to begin setting up the CloudStack project with ASF.
Looking forward to it, and thanks all!