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GitHubAug 31, 2017 11:33 am 
Subject:[Commits] [marklogic-community/RunDMC] 53a1a1: Merge docapp branch to master for issue #701 (#731...
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Date:Aug 31, 2017 11:33:15 am

Branch: refs/heads/master Home: Commit: 53a1a1e85bc1747c630449333a9afcca13234d0f Author: Kim Coleman <> Date: 2017-08-31 (Thu, 31 Aug 2017)

Changed paths: M src/apidoc/config/8.0/document-list.xml M src/apidoc/config/9.0/document-list.xml M src/apidoc/config/static-docs.xml M src/apidoc/js/toc_filter.js M src/apidoc/model/data-access.xqy M src/apidoc/setup/guide.xqm M src/apidoc/setup/setup.xqm M src/apidoc/setup/toc.xqm M src/apidoc/view/view.xqm M src/model/data-access.xqy

Log Message: ----------- Merge docapp branch to master for issue #701 (#731)

* change url

* version was not showing up on pdf link

* add ops director to toc

* Added es namespace for Entity Services lib module.

* Add Entity Services guide.

* Enable copying apidoc from a method to a function. Partially addresses #592.

* Remove XCC.NET apidoc from the doc entries. See internal task 43762.

* Remove Ops Director guide from the book set.

* Remove Application Builder and Info Studio guides. Move Entity Services guide
into dev guide section.

* Removed "Early Access" from the landing page title for ML9.

* Strip ea suffix from 9.0 version

* Make 9.0 the default version

* Update document-list.xml (#674)

Added Ops Dir guide

* Remove ops dir book for 9.0-2

* Add opsdir guide back into doc list

* Pull ops dir guide out again

* and put opsdir book back in again

* Add Azure guide.

* Add common criteria guide to the doc list.

* Add common criteria guide for 8.0-7

* Fix for #701 (#725)

Serve up product notices as PDF

It expects-

1. Pdf only guide has entry in document-list.xml with attributes pdf-only=true and title=“guide title” 2. Corresponding pdf guide is available at pubs/pdf/pdf-only-guide.pdf

Added entry for 8.0 and 9.0 only for product notices in document-list.xml.

* Comment out PDF-only product notices until build is modified to match.

* Temporarily comment out forward looking books so we can merge to master.