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Aleksandar VujevicJul 7, 2005 3:04 am 
David N. WeltonJul 9, 2005 10:49 am 
Subject:error compiling rivetCore.c
From:Aleksandar Vujevic (
Date:Jul 7, 2005 3:04:14 am


I'm trying to compile version 0.5.0 under HPUX 10.20 but get the folowing error:

rivetCore.o -> Command (sh): cc -DHPUX10 -Aa -Ae -D_HPUX_SOURCE -DUSE_HSREGEX -DUSE_EXPAT -I../lib/expat-lite -g -O +z -I/export/fsys-9/www-srv/apache_1.3.33/include -I/usr/appl/tcl8.4/include -DTCL_THREADED=0 -c rivetCore.c Error: cc: "/usr/appl/tcl8.4/include/tcl.h", line 1657: warning 617: Redeclaration of tag "utimbuf" ignored. cc: "rivetCore.c", line 643: warning 524: Cast (non-lvalue) appears on left-hand side of assignment. cc: "rivetCore.c", line 643: error 1549: Modifiable lvalue required for assignment operator. Error: Compilation failed on command "sh {$COMPILE rivetCore.c}"

The corresponding code in rivetCore.c is: ... case CHANNEL: { Tcl_Channel chan; char *channelname = NULL;

if (TclWeb_UploadChannel(varname, &chan, globals->req) != TCL_OK) { return TCL_ERROR; } --> (CONST84 char *)channelname = Tcl_GetChannelName(chan); <--line 643 Tcl_SetStringObj(result, channelname, -1); break; ...

Running configure.tcl had some errors. It was unable to set the vars TCL_CC_SEARCH_FLAGS, TCL_LD_SEARCH_FLAGS, TCL_SHARED_LIB_SUFFIX and TCL_UNSHARED_LIB_SUFFIX.

Any ideas? Aleks