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Reem...@nokia.comOct 30, 2002 10:12 pm 
David N. WeltonOct 30, 2002 11:38 pm 
Subject:Re: Compiling apache-rivet on Linux
From:David N. Welton (
Date:Oct 30, 2002 11:38:58 pm

<> writes:

Has anyone tried compiling apache-rivet on linux platform?

That's what I use to develop it:-)

I tried but couldn't succeed. First i got "apxs not found" error. When i included apxs, it says cannot execute apxs. APXS seems to be a perl script.

apxs is part of the Apache distribution, and we need it so that we can get all the compile information about Apache. You should have it if you have compiled and installed apache (i.e. - you need to do 'make install').

Then it started complaining for rivetCore.h and parser.h file which are not present in the src directory. Can somebody help me ?

You need to build things with 'make.tcl', not the Makefile. I suppose I should just remove it at this point.