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Subject:[rekonq] rekonq 2 merged in rekonq main repository
From:andrea diamantini (
Date:Dec 16, 2012 9:41:31 am

Hi all,

just a brief announce here saying that finally rekonq 2 code has been merged in rekonq main repository. It's really not 100% new code, but I'll be glad you can find one moment to review it. Keys news I'll be glad to hear comments and hints about are: - kwebapp remove and code reorganization to use the same web classes in all the situations (check the webtab/ dir about) - kmainwindow remove and session reimplementation (copied from kmainwindow) in the "rekonqwindow" class (based now on qwidget, "ready" for the QML transition, tabwindow/ dir). - New private browsing mode (NOT based on KIO, as it seems our cookiejar is not enough "malleable" for it. At least in kde4)

Hope you can help us let rekonq rock. Regards,

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