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Subject:Welcome to Apache Jackrabbit
From:Roy T. Fielding (
Date:Sep 12, 2004 10:47:56 pm

Okay, I think we are almost ready to get started. I have put together Jackrabbit's incubator status page at

and all of the initial committers have cvs commit access to incubator and incubator-site. Note, however, that the folks with account names in parentheses will have to submit a signed CLA to Apache before their account will be created. Information on individual CLAs is at:

We already have a corporate CLA from Day Management AG that covers all of Day's employees listed as committers, but we still need individual ones because the ASF believes you own your own minds. The best way to submit is print them, fill out the name and address, sign, make copies, put the originals in an envelope addressed to the Apache office:

The Apache Software Foundation 1901 Munsey Drive Forest Hill, MD 21050-2747 U.S.A.

*and* fax the copies to: +1.410.803.2258

Information on how to make incubator site changes can be found at

I have not created a real website for Jackrabbit yet, and we'll have to figure out what we are going to do for a logo, etc.

If you are interested in general incubator discussion, like how our status is reported to the rest of Apache, you can subscribe to the general at mailing list.

The following mailing list is where all technical decisions about what goes in (or out) of the Jackrabbit code get made:

jackrabbit-dev at

and automated change notices wll be sent to

jackrabbit-commits at

The only exception being that the JSR-170 expert group still controls what goes under that javax.jcr namespace, though our group does include most of the spec lead staff. ;-)

The code itself needs to be migrated from slide cvs to subversion. When that happens (probably sometime today/tomorrow, assuming I get the request to infrastructure tonight), it will be located at

If you are new to Apache, there are developer guidelines at

some of which are out of date. Information on Subversion can be found at (quick guide for cvs users)

More later...