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Subject:Re: [Courier-imap] Build error with FAM on Debian
From:Sam Varshavchik (
Date:Feb 20, 2006 4:11:54 pm

Yves Goergen writes:

On 20.02.2006 15:50 (+0100), mess-mate wrote:

Yves Goergen <> wrote: | Aha, and where do I get that? I used the only fam thing that came with Debian.
Do I need to | build my own one? | dpkg -S libfam0: /usr/lib/ libfam0: /usr/lib/ libfam-dev: /usr/lib/

Well, yes, it's there. Only why didn't courier-imap use it?

Courier supplies the -lfam option when linking. It is your compiler's responsibility to link against the shared library, when it's installed.

If your compiler insists on linking against libfam.a, when is also present, it's a bug or a misconfiguration with your compiler.