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Subject:[courier-users] Re: (no subject)
From:Sam Varshavchik (
Date:Aug 9, 2004 3:52:05 pm

Richard Bewley writes:


I am trying to compile courier-imap-2.2.1 on a 64 bit operating system (RedHat Enterprise AS), on dual opterons.

The problem I'm getting is two-fold. The first question, is there a compilation option to take advantage of the 64 bits?

No special compilation option is required.

Furthermore, you should be building RPMs, instead of trying to hack it by hand.

The second issues is, after it's finished configuring, I get the following: checking whether -lresolv is needed for res_query... configure: error: Cannot find function res_query configure: error: /bin/sh './configure' failed for authlib

Looks like you don't have the glibc-devel RPM installed. Besides that, you will also need a number of other packages installed. If you were trying to build using RPM you would receive a list of what's missing.