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Subject:OpenCog Recap #12: January-February 2011
From:Jared Wigmore ("
Date:Mar 1, 2011 7:53:40 pm

Wow! It's been a busy two months since I joined our Hong Kong project and it's time for an OpenCog Recap! The HK project is picking up steam, and we also have other several other people making progress around the world.

1) Troy Huang and Cai Zhenhua, from our Xiamen robotics lab, transferred to the Hong Kong project in January. Zhenhua has been working on integrating the MicroPsi motivation system into OpenCog. The OpenCog version is called "OpenPsi" and you can see in the trunk now (though it's still in active development so it might not work that well yet).

2) Cord and Lester are working on creating a virtual world for our AIs, using Unity. Right now Cord is working on importing the characters from the existing Multiverse demo to Unity. Lester and Troy are writing the code to connect OpenCog AI's to Unity.

3) I'm creating a planning system (based on PLN) to combine with Psi. That is, Psi will give the AI feelings and goals and the planning system will work out how to achieve them.

4) Joel's leading the project and also does some of the coding. He got the event loop atomspace working, so it's now possible to run multiple threads within OpenCog. There is also now a separate attention bank (for Economic Attention Networks). And the PLN logs are now colour-coded, which makes them much easier to read (which will make it easier to develop PLN).

5) Lots of improvements to DeSTIN. Amrit has been integrating SIFT with DeSTIN as a preprocessor.

6) David Crane improved the dimensional embedding code and did some experiments with clustering (on wordpairs data). It seems to be finding good clusters, where the words are obviously related to each other.

If there's anyone else I missed out, sorry. Feel free to add anything else in the replies.

Onward and upward!