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Subject:Re: [courier-users] Finding Maildir with procmail
From:Mogens Valentin (
Date:Aug 21, 2004 4:13:33 pm
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I use Courier-MTA with the mysqlauth module. Now, when I use maildrop for local delivery, there are no problems at all, courier checks for the Account-Home in the mysql DB and Deliveres the mail to i.e.


It uses the $HOME environment variable (which is set by the mysqlauth-module) for that.

Procmail also uses $HOME. But when I change my /etc/courierd to use procmail instead of maildrop it tries to Deliver the mail to:

/var/spool/mail/Maildir (probably because /var/spool/mail is the $HOME of user mail regarding to /etc/passwd)

The strange thing is: If I replace procmail in the courierd config with this little program:

athen099 root # cat /usr/bin/mailtest export > /tmp/mailenv

then I get:

athen099 root # grep HOME /tmp/mailenv export HOME="/var/quica/domains/"

Any suggestions on this one? Where have I gone wrong?

Dunno, but just in case your problem is procmail, here's mine (used with sendmail, I don't do anything to $HOME on a RH7.x setup):

# /etc/procmailrc # Setup procmail for imap-maildirs # MrDev 2704 2001 - Created # MrDev 0305 2001 - Added support for /var/spool/imap/* # MrDev 2806 2001 - Moved maillogs to /var/log/imap/ # MrDev 2303 2002 - Added some comments


# Spool to homedir : MAILDIR=$HOME/Maildir/

# Spool to /var/spool/imap : #MAILDIR=/var/spool/imap/$LOGNAME/Maildir/

# Common stuff: DEFAULT=$MAILDIR # Logfiles can be useful for debugging: #LOGFILE=$MAILDIR.maillog LOGFILE=/var/log/imap/$LOGNAME.log # Microsoft clients who doesn't obey RFC's may require locking: #LOCKFILE=$MAILDIR.lockmail # Just in case mail can't be delivered to users Maildir, spool it here: ORGMAIL=/var/spool/mail