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Henry StoryJun 29, 2010 8:28 am 
Henry StoryJun 29, 2010 8:46 am 
Subject:[foaf-protocols] Scala, OSGi implementation of foaf+ssl in Clerezza
From:Henry Story (
Date:Jun 29, 2010 8:28:45 am


Reto implemented an version of foaf+ssl in the OSGi based, RDF powered,
apache Clerezza Content Management system.

To get it to work, do the following

1. check it out $ svn co

2. compile it with mvn (>=2.2.1)

$ mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true

# -Dmaven.test.skip=true to skip the tests because some of them don't work # I commented out the uima module in the pom as at revision 958920 it did not
work # add -o to avoid redownloading maven bundles if you allready have downloaded
them the first time

3. create a key for the machine you are running this on, which you need to place
in .keystore So if this is going to be run on localhost then you need the Distinguished
name to be localhost

$ keytool -keystore keystore -alias jetty -genkey -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 $ mv keystore ~/.keystore # of course if you already have one, then watch out

4. start it

$ cd org.apache.clerezza.platform.launcher.tdb/target $ java -Dorg.wymiwyg.jetty.httpservice.clientauth=want -jar
org.apache.clerezza.platform.launcher.tdb-0.5-incubating-SNAPSHOT.jar # you will end up in a command line interface where you can send a number of
commands such as -> help # don't cntr-Z (background) this on OSX, as for some reason the command line
interface # then no longer works

5. try it out

- you should have an http server at http://localhost:8080/ - you can try logging in with your (non RDFa backed) Web ID at

6. build RDFa support

use the OSGi enabled module I put together at

$ git clone git:// $ cd java-rdfa

7. install RDFa support

In the clerezza shell type

-> start mvn:net.rootdev/java-rdfa-core/0.5-SNAPSHOT -> start mvn:net.rootdev/java-rdfa-clerezza/0.5-SNAPSHOT

It should work now with IDs created with

TODO ====

The RDFA parsers rely on nu.validator.htmlparser.common and some other
packages which are not OSGi enabled yet. Reto is currently working on improving
the access control framework to allow us to create much more flexible access
control examples. The Scala code probably has bugs as it is still fresh.

Note ====

An interesting thing to note about this foaf+ssl implementation, is that it is
written directly into the java ssl layer. This was Reto's idea, and it looks
like it could be very helpful, but we still need to test it with more examples
to see what the limitations may be.

But in any case, Clerezza is a very interesting framework, and being a java
programmer, I will try to use this to put together my own playground.