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Anne GentleSep 26, 2012 10:49 am 
Subject:[Openstack] What's up doc? September 26 2012
From:Anne Gentle (
Date:Sep 26, 2012 10:49:19 am

Summary: We're down to 14 doc bugs targeted to Folsom but still want your help!

After Thursday's code release, I will meet with Thierry to get ideas for how to scientifically determine a good doc release date based on the bug/task list. Stay tuned for that.

I have instructions for how to do a docs release at In case I am hit by a bus or otherwise rendered useless, I pledge to keep this page updated.

1. In review and merged this past week: Lots of exclamation marks here because I was wowed this past week a few times. Nice work Stackers! New landing pages for! Tons of new entries in the Glossary, thank you Josh Turgasen! Email me a mailing address and I will send really a nice OpenStack gift. I mean it! New Quantum Admin guide! Great new section on XenServer configurations for Migration!

In review: VNC proxy diagram:

In review: all-in-one Folsom install

2. High priority doc work: Definitely need more volumes doc updates, John mentioned the need in his cinder weekly meeting.

Restructuring the source and builds for with the end result of redirecting from to Any questions? Here's the plan.

Here are some doc tasks we'd like help with: Task: Document how to configure Keystone with SSL Task: Document keystone middleware situation in operator docs Task: Update Ubuntu install/deploy guide to explain the Cloud Archive Task: Add information about scaling out additional volume nodes for Compute

3. Doc work going on that I know of: John Griffith to populate volume-api repo with an API spec.

4. New incoming doc requests: Ongoing fixes to pom.xml and builds. Need to get working builds for Identity API and Image API specs.

5. Doc tools updates: The Clouddocs maven plugin has a few fixes coming in soon, perhaps this month, but we'll update our pom.xmls to pick these up after the release. Here's the ones we want: - Automatically handle images: Detects if images are missing from a document and fail if an image is missing. You can turn off this validation by setting <strictImageValidation>false</strictImageValidation> in your pom.xml. For Webhelp output, automatically converts .svg to .png. Automatically copies images to the Webhelp output directory. - Automatically build pdf when building webhelp and copy pdf to webhelp directory unless <makePdf>false</makePdf> is set in your pom.xml. - Provide better error messages if incorrect DocBook version is used (i.e. if DocBook 4.x is used instead of 5.x). Fixes bug - Move profiling to early in the pipeline. This fixes bugs where content in title and revhistory weren't being profiled, such as - Fix bug where IDREFs weren't validated. (Might fix

6. Other doc news: Still seeking one additional topic proposal for the Summit - I will fill it with "Grizzly doc planning" if no one else has a burning doc discussion need. Also would it be useful to have a docs user test area in the Developer lounge? I'd love to set that up. And, do we want to have a doc meetup at one of the lunch tables at the Summit? Let me know.