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Subject:[jruby-user] [ANN] activerecord-jdbc-adapter 0.9.2
From:Nick Sieger (
Date:Oct 2, 2009 3:23:09 pm

Hi all,

Just pushed the new activerecord-jdbc-adapter 0.9.2 release. It brings compatibility up to a new level, works with JRuby trunk and the soon-to-be-released JRuby 1.4, and many other fixes ( issues fixed in total).

The main new feature introduced is a new "jdbc" rails generator to create files that bootstrap the JDBC adapter in your Rails environment and when running Rake. Just install the gem as usual:

$ jruby -S gem install activerecord-jdbc-adapter Successfully installed activerecord-jdbc-adapter-0.9.2 1 gem installed

Then run the generator:

$ jruby script/generate jdbc exists config/initializers create config/initializers/jdbc.rb exists lib/tasks create lib/tasks/jdbc.rake

The big upside of this new feature is that you *no longer* have to change database.yml at all! You can simply use the default content that Rails gives you when you generate an application. Also, these jdbc files are only loaded when running under JRuby, so they won't take effect under C Ruby.

Note: the jdbc.rb initializer depends on no database connection having been established to work properly. If you run queries in your initializer scripts, you'll need to ensure that the contents of jdbc.rb run before them.

I'd also like to thank and welcome a host of new contributors for this release (and the database support they helped improve):

* Christian Seiler * Jean-Dominique Morani * Christopher Saunders (Derby) * David Kellum (Postgres) * Nick Zalabak (MySQL) * Ryan Baumann (SQLite3) * Ben Browning (Oracle) * Jens Himmelreich (Oracle) * Dan Powell (Oracle) * Marcelo Murad (Oracle) * Mike Luu (MSSql) * Amos King (DB2)

Please try the new gem with your applications and provide feedback! Send bug reports to

Enjoy! /Nick

Full release history:

== 0.9.2

- The main, highly awaited fix for this release is a solution to the rake db:create/db:drop issue. The main change is a new 'jdbc' rails generator that should be run once to prepare a Rails application to use JDBC. The upside of this generator is that you no longer will need to alter database.yml for JDBC. See the README.txt for details. - Cleanup and reconnect if errors occur during begin/rollback (Jean-Dominique Morani, Christian Seiler) - ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-1: Add #drop_database method for oracle (does the same thing as recreate_database) - Sqlite3 and MSSQL fixes (Jean-Dominique Morani) - JRUBY-3512: Treat LONGVARCHAR as a CLOB for Mssql - JRUBY-3624: Upgrade Derby to and add native limit/offset support (Christopher Saunders) - JRUBY-3616: Fix postgres non-sequence primary keys (David Kellum) - JRUBY-3669: Fix Oracle case with unconfigured schema (Dan Powell) - Fixed quote_column_name of jdbc_oracle to accept numbers (Marcelo Murad) - Fix for mysql tables with non standard primary keys such that the schema dump is correct (Nick Zalabak) - MSSQL fixes from Mike Luu: - add support for MSSQL uniqueidentifier datatype - always quote strings using unicode identifier for MSSQL - Changes primary_key generation to use always instead of by default for DB2 (Amos King) - Improves the SQLite adapter by fixing rename_column, change_column, change_column_default, changing remove_column, and adding remove_columns (Ryan Baumann) - More oracle love courtesy Ben Browning and Jens Himmelreich - JRUBY-3608: Add missing change_column_null method for postgres - JRUBY-3508: Fix quoting of integer and float columns