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Subject:Woodstock Migration Path to ICEfaces
From:John Jullion-Ceccarelli (
Date:Dec 17, 2008 9:24:01 am

We are happy to announce a relationship between the NetBeans and ICEfaces communities to facilitate migration for current Woodstock users. With the latest ICEface NetBeans plugin (v1.7.2SP1), you can add the ICEfaces framework to an existing project and begin to develop ICEface pages along side existing Woodstock pages. Resources have been created to aid migration, including a detailed Migration Guide and a Component Comparision Matrix between Woodstock and ICEfaces components. This is just the beginning of a relationship between the NetBeans and ICEfaces communities. Additional migration utilities are planned for upcoming ICEfaces releases.

Resources: *Learn more at the Woodstock to ICEfaces Migration page

*Download the ICEfaces plugin from or from the NetBeans Update Center by choosing Tools > Plugins from within the NetBeans IDE.

*Read the Woodstock to ICEfaces Porting Guide

*Join theWoodstock to ICEfaces Migration Forum