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Stefan HinzJul 5, 2006 6:00 am 
Subject:MySQL Cluster: NDB API Guide
From:Stefan Hinz (
Date:Jul 5, 2006 6:00:39 am

As part of the effort of making MySQL Cluster a more mainstream product, it's been on our agenda for a very long time to rewrite the NDB API documentation so that it becomes usable by mere mortals. It took nearly three months to do this, because the new documentation is almost 300 pages long! The MySQL NDB API Guide covers two low-level APIs for writing applications that work with MySQL's NDB Cluster storage engine:

- The NDB API is an object-oriented application programming interface for MySQL Cluster. The API provides ACID-compliant transactions, table and row scans that are similar in many ways to SQL cursors, and event handling. It also features object-oriented error-handling facilities.

- The other API is the MySQL Cluster Management API (MGM API), a programming interface intended to provide administrative services for the cluster, such as starting and stopping Cluster nodes, Cluster logging, backups, and restoration from backups.

All NDB API classes and subclasses are covered in the Guide, as is all of the MGM API function library. Also provided are a Cluster/NDB API glossary, class and relationshp diagrams, an index, and many examples. This new edition of the Guide covers the NDB API as implemented in MySQL 5.1. It's available for online viewing and download from here: