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Jesse SweetlandJan 23, 2001 6:36 pm 
Subject:[courier-users] Weird run time warnings
From:Jesse Sweetland (
Date:Jan 23, 2001 6:36:29 pm

I'm in the midst of creating a custom authentication module and I noticed a
couple of things. First of all, in order to get the login process to work at all
I had to call the char *callback function pointer argument to the function
authcustomcommon () in preauthcustom.c (in order to get authsuccess () to
execute, which appears to be vital. I mention this because nowhere in
preauthcustom.c was this mentioned. Second, when I did that I started getting
the following runtime warnings in my maillog file:

authcustom in free(): warning: modified (chunk-) pointer.


authcustom in free(): warning: chunk is already free.

I traced them down and they appear to be comming from the callback_custom ()
function in authcustom.c. Specifically, where space is allocated for the
environment variables MAILDIR and MAILDIRQUOTA. The server works fine, but those
warnings are a little scary. I've made some attempts to get rid of the errors,
but nothing I do seems to work. Can I ignore these or should I make a concerted
effort to clear them up? Is there something I'm doing wrong with the whole
authcustom set up?