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Subject:Re: New tomcat plugin (
Date:Dec 4, 2002 5:36:20 pm

Hi Brian,

this looks great.

We started working on an 'appserver' plugin a while back, and it got stalled due to other problems :)

Would you mind us integrating this into the generic appserver plugin? -- dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting Blog: Work:

Brian Ewins <> wrote on 05/12/2002 02:36:31 AM:

Since no-one's replied... here it is. The zip is the source, to go in jakarta-turbine-maven/src/plugins-build, the jar should work if dropped into your plugins directory. Since there is no catalina-ant.jar in ibiblio, you will need to get one for yourself- download a release from:

and copy 'CATALINA_HOME/server/lib/catalina-ant.jar' to 'MAVEN_HOME/repository/tomcat/jars/catalina-ant-4.1.12.jar'.

To use it in a project, add something like this to your maven.tomcat.url = http://freedonia:8080/manager maven.tomcat.username = flywheel maven.tomcat.password = swordfish (read the tomcat manager how-to!!)

and type: maven tomcat:deploy

Your webapp will be built and deployed onto the server. There are xdocs for everything if you want more details.

The plugin depends on a jar from TC 4.1.12, but some of the manager app functions will work fine on earlier tomcats - see your server docs for details.

CAVEAT: this is not an official plugin, so don't rely on this for production scripts unless you're happy that this copy is all you need.


BTW: Is there a reason why there's no 'plugin' plugin? Seems like most of the plugin maven.xml's are the same?

Brian Ewins wrote:

I've written a tomcat plugin I'd like to donate, once I'm through testing. It needs catalina-ant.jar (not on ibiblio as far as I can see).

Its pretty small and straightforward, since its just a wrapper for the

tomcat ant tasks. Should I just attach it on jira, or...?


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