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Subject:Re: [spaz-users] New SVN Build: @name suggestion/tab completion
From:Graeme (
Date:Apr 19, 2008 12:01:30 am

OK, here's a coupla things based only on what I expected to see, not how it's intended to work. Hmm.

1. The popup screen of names is a nice touch, I wasn't expecting that. And it's lovely how it narrows down as you type. Just wondering how it builds the list? If there's, say, 30 names in the list, popping it up on the "@" might be a bit unwieldy.

2. When the thing pops up I expected to be able to use the up/down arrow keys to naviagte. That's because I'm a keyboard guy, will mostly use that if I can.

3. Say I've put a couple names into a tweet, like this: "@andrewbarnett @griffmiester @kristiewells". If I then type "@" and click on, say, @funkatron, I end up with "@funkatron @griffmiester @kristiewells @". I expected @funkatron to be at the end; instead it has replaced @andrewbarnett.

Will send more as/when I notice.