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Tim BellMay 24, 2012 2:07 pm 
Subject:Re: [Openstack] Deployments in Scientific Environments
From:Tim Bell (
Date:May 24, 2012 2:07:23 pm

CERN is more of a high throughput computing environment rather than a high performance site. Although we do multi-core, our programs are not the large scale floating point programs of some other sciences, so GPUs etc. are not a significant gain for us.

CERN is currently targeting a pre-production service based on OpenStack this year and targetting around 15,000 hypervisors spread across two data centres by 2015.

For a quick overview, see


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SoLa wrote:

Few days ago I read something about OpenNebula,it's the main competitor in open source for Openstack, beside Eucalyptus, as far as i


OpenNebula and Eucalyptus (as well as CloudStack) are alternative solutions in the open source IaaS Compute space. Note that OpenStack provides more than just IaaS Compute feature (Nova), it also addresses object storage (Swift), or network (Quantum)...

I found ( something about "tens of thousands of VMs" and OpenNebula's performance (maybe CERN has such huge deployment, who knows they didn't mention that) and I'm just wondering what about Openstack performance. Can anyone praise about biggest deployments? How many VMs can Openstack actually supervise? Any large-

scale achievements?

OpenStack is being used to power public clouds (HP, Rackspace, AT&T, Internap, Korea Telecom, SDSC...). Those are unfortunately notoriously shy at sharing size numbers :)

OpenNebula has also this advantage, for me, that it's designed also to provide scientific cloud and it's used by few research centres and even supercomputing centres. How about Openstack? Anyone tried deploy it in supercomputing environment? Maybe huge cluster or GPU cluster or any other scientific group is using Openstack? Is anyone using Openstack in scentific environement or Openstack's purpose is to create commercial only cloud (business - large and small companies)?

OpenStack is being used in a number of research clouds, including NeCTAR (Australia's national research cloud). There is huge interest around bridging the gap there, with companies like Nimbis or Bull being involved.

Hopefully people with more information than I have will comment on this thread.