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Subject:[Wikipedia-l] A few comments about Wikipedia
From:Timothy Shell (
Date:Jan 27, 2001 12:09:50 am

I was playing with Wikipedia this evening and became aware of the following issues:

1. If Wikipedia is to be an encyclopedia, then it probably is not appropriate to have threaded discussions on a subject page. See for example AlTruism, where one person gives a flame bait description of the concept, and numerous people then argue back about that description. If a discussion is approptiate, perhaps there should be a standard discussion page, as AltruismDiscussion or AltruismDebate, that is linked to from the subject page.

2. Often the wiki links for noun and adjective forms of a word should point to the same subject page. For example, SkI and SkiinG are essentially overlapping concepts. We could say, on the SkI page, "To engage in SkiinG". This is not elegant, but it works, I suppose. I see on the WhichWikiShouldWeUse page that there are different versions of wiki that might allow for different ways of linking. Do one of these alternative ways offer a solution to this problem, allowing for different links to point to the same subject page?