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Subject:Re: How to Block Chrome Installation
From:Brando ()
Date:Sep 9, 2008 7:12:38 pm

We have implemented a GPO that blocks the chromesetup.exe and chrome.exe executables from running. Thanks for nothing Google.

Oh and Incognito mode? That's great! Just what we need so the slackers on our network can surf in full porn mode without the ability for IT to pull a history file. What's your next product going to be? Google Malware? How about Google Company Slacker Assistant Beta?

No soup for you!

On Sep 5, 9:54 pm, Brando wrote:

I have used Google for years, but I have to tell you that you've really pissed me off for not giving Systems Managers like myself an easy way toprevent installationof Chromeon corporatenetworks. So, let's see, you install under the user's profile in a hidden directory in Windows. Why? I can't help but to think that you did this to pull an end aroundon corporatenetworksecurity where the average end user does not have local administrative rights. Even Microsoft gave us the ability to prevent IE7 installation through a simple tweak in the registry. Now, I have the threat of an insecure beta web browser on my network. Thanks Google. Whoever made this decision should be canned.

On Sep 3, 6:25 pm, thehouseofho wrote:


You would need to do this via GPO or if you have a proxy server, you can use that as well.  Also, systems management solutions such as LANDesk and Altiris have a feature to deny certain executables from being run.  I believe all of these solutions, except for the GPO, read the installer header information so even renaming the executable is not a workaround.

On Sep 3, 7:35 pm, Sorin 2 wrote:

Hi, there is no clear way to only block Google Chrome installs. You can block access to, so ChromeSetup won't run but this will block installs and updates for other Google software as well. Not sure if the intention is to block everything or only block Chrome. The users can still get the Chrome installer from its download site (people have posted the naked url, so to speak). Ideally this should be supported by some form of group policy but that is missing now.

On Sep 3, 4:03 pm, Brando wrote:

I hate to be the rain maker here, but we can't allow installation of Chrome on ourcorporate network. I love Google and plan to try Chrome at home, but we have very strict standards and policies here. Chrome does not need administrative rights to install, as it installs under the user's profile. Can someone please give us a procedure for blocking the Google Chrome installation? Thanks!- Hide quoted text -

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