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Subject:Re: VCL xCAT2.x BladeCenter
From:Josh Thompson (
Date:Jun 7, 2011 11:48:20 am



Make sure you have in /opt/xcat/lib/perl/xCAT_plugin.

The "os" field in nodetype needs to be "image" and the "arch" field needs to be "x86".

Can you confirm that is what you have specified in nodetype?


On Tuesday June 07, 2011, Prem Kumar wrote:


i am trying to get bare metal installs to work with vcl2.2 and xcat 2.x using the info provided at: to-xcat-2x-unofficial.html

my xcat installation works fine: i have successfully installed rhel nodes using the following commands nodeset <nodename> install=Template rpower <nodename> boot

now when i want to first image and then install using the partimage i am having issues as follows:

i am running into following error the moment I type in: nodeset <node> image even after rebooting the management node there has been no change in this error.

baremetal-chassis1-13: Unable to identify plugin for this command, check relevant tables: nodetype.os Error: Some nodes failed to set up image resources, aborting

to my understanding, for some reason partimage plugin is not being fond or recognized by xcat.

can anybody please help.

regards, prem.

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