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Subject:Re: [spaz-users] Re: New SVN Build (10) - Hot like tamale!
From:Ed Finkler (
Date:Apr 15, 2008 6:24:29 am

On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 1:56 AM, Graeme <> wrote:

k, a couple of observations/questions. i'm on windoze xp.

* the tray icon has, indeed, returned. previously it had it's own right-click menu; now it has none which i assume is intentional. however Spaz still loves me. Aww. :-)

Yeah, I haven't really sorted out the systray menu thing. If someone wants to take a shot at at least outlining what *should* go there, that would be awesome. I use Windows infrequently enough that systray usability just isn't on my mind anymore.

* the new menu right up top there, doesn't disappear when I click on any of the choices. i'm not saying that's wrong, just asking, is that the expected behaviour?

No, it's not -- it seems to be the behavior of the plugin I'm using (, which is admittedly very alpha. I think I see a solution in the comments on that page, but it doesn't seem to work for me, maybe because I'm using the plugin in an unexpected way. I'll probably need to hack it up a bit and bind a menu closing event on all the items automatically.

* What does the Spaz >> Message item do?

Nothing yet -- the main menu isn't really finished from a design standpoint.

* The toggling works nicely and it's great to have it more visible (i.e. not just a keyboard shortcut)

Right, I'm hoping to move all the command-type keystrokes (ones that aren't just navigation) into the menu as well.

* is the prefs saving still buggy? it doesn't remember me turning popup notifications off.

Oh, I thought that was fixed, but maybe not. Can you confirm?

* maybe the shorten url feature should be on the main menu? (i can't open it becoz of shortcut conflict)

Yes, definitely. Also underlines the need for being able to define your own keyboard shortcuts! 8)

Thanks for the great feedback, as always.