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Subject:[Openstack] Announcing proof-of-concept Load Balancing as a Service project
From:Eugene Kirpichov (
Date:Jul 24, 2012 6:33:09 pm

Hello community,

We at Mirantis have had a number of clients request functionality to control various load balancer devices (software and hardware) via an OpenStack API and horizon. So, in collaboration with Cisco OpenStack team and a number of other community members, we’ve started socializing the blueprints for an elastic load balancer API service. At this point we’d like to share where we are and would very much appreciate anyone participate and provide input.

The current vision is to allow cloud tenants to request and provision virtual load balancers on demand and allow cloud administrators to manage a pool of available LB devices. Access is provided under a unified interface to different kinds of load balancers, both software and hardware. It means that API for tenants is abstracted away from the actual API of underlying hardware or software load balancers, and LBaaS effectively bridges this gap.

POC level support for Cisco ACE and HAproxy is currently implemented in the form of plug-ins to LBaaS called “drivers”. We also started some work on F5 drivers. Would appreciate hearing input on what other drivers may be important at this point…nginx?

Another question we have is if this should be a standalone module or a Quantum plugin… Dan – any feedback on this (and BTW congrats on the acquisition =).

In order not to reinvent the wheel, we decided to base our API on Atlas-LB (

Here are all the pointers: * Project overview: * Screencast: * API draft: * Roadmap: * Github repo:

The code is written in Python and based on the OpenStack service template. We’ll be happy to give a walkthrough over what we have to anyone who may be interested in contributing (for example, creating a driver to support a particular LB device).

All of the documents and code are not set in stone and we’re writing here specifically to ask for feedback and collaboration from the community.

We would like to start holding weekly IRC meetings at #openstack-meeting; we propose 19:00 UTC on Thursdays (this time seems free according to ), starting Aug 2.