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Subject:Re: Release plan update
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Date:Aug 16, 2012 9:26:34 pm

On 17/08/2012, at 1:31 PM, Ewan Mellor <> wrote:

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Stability and bugfix work: Now - Friday 31 August. First release candidate build: Friday 31 August.

This is just my $A0.02 as someone that cares a lot about release automation... take it for what it is worth, since I'm not doing the work :)

Given release candidates are not distributed, official releases, would you consider an earlier one that may have some known issues, but is ready enough to test that your release mechanism works?

Having something concrete that says "this is what our release will look like, once the following things are complete" that can start to be reviewed from an incubator release point of view could parallelise something that often takes a bit of time going back and forth.

I've got two weeks between First release candidate build and Final release
candidate. Are you saying that the incubator review needs even more time than

I don't think so, especially given the work done with RAT, etc. already - but
the first release on new infra and under new processes can always have
unforeseen things that need to be addressed. If you can get them out of the way
sooner, even while upgrade paths and system testing are being done, it would
reduce the risk of it taking longer.

- Brett