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Subject:Re: [Koha] LibLime Enterprise Koha Q&A
From:Thomas Dukleth (
Date:Sep 18, 2009 9:36:26 am

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On Thu, September 17, 2009 07:44, paul POULAIN wrote:

Daniel Grobani a écrit :


Hi Daniel,

"We will not be making our git repo public as it contains customer-sensitive data."

Just a short answer: That's a so poor, so illogic, so technically irrelevant, and Josh is a so smart developer, that I simply can't believe LL made it that way !

I can believe that people do many poorly conceived things when they are in a hurry. I also know that Git is a very robust tool which can be used to manage much more than source code data.

However, as we know that Joshua is cleverer than the statement implies we should encourage clarification of such an answer even if it is merely a quoted answer where he may have had more to say. We know that Joshua is clever enough to manage Git in a manner which would easily avoid including customer sensitive data in a publishing a LibLime Git repository..

I offer my assistance to Joshua if he has any difficulties in the matter just as I am confident that others better qualified to offer such assistance would offer assistance themselves. Despite some acrimony, I know that there is a Koha community which stands ready to help LibLime in what may be some real difficulties if LibLime is willing to accept that help.