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Till MaasAug 18, 2017 8:55 am 
Subject:[EPEL-devel] EPEL-ANNOUNCE Unintendedly removed EPEL packages
From:Till Maas (
Date:Aug 18, 2017 8:55:04 am


when migrating away from PackageDB several EPEL packages were unintendedly retired. The packages still contained a dead.package file in dist-git but for some of them it was reported that they were unretired but it was missed to restore the dist-git content/remove the dead.package file. The issue is currently tracked at:

Unfortunately it is not clear (to me) how to unretire the packages at the moment. I hope we will be able to resolve this issue soon.

The following packages are possibly affected, however at this moment it is not clear whether all of these package were not meant to be retired or if the lists also includes packages that were meant to be retired but only received a dead.package file without being retired in pkgdb2:

EPEL7: celt dock freeradius-client geoipupdate ghc-xhtml golang-github-gorilla-context golang-github-gorilla-mux golang-github-kr-pty golang-github-syndtr-gocapability heat-cfntools jbrout libscigraphica munipack oxygen-icon-theme perl-TAP-Harness perl-Throwable php-pear-Structures-DataGrid-DataSource-MDB2 powermock python-astroid python-cherrypy2 python-django-babel python-flask python-netifaces python-paste-script python-peak-rules python-pycadf python-requests python-sphinx10 python-subunit python-tornado python-turbocheetah python-turbojson python-turbokid python-urllib3 python-werkzeug rubygem-rails scigraphica sunbird terminology thunderbird-lightning

EPEL6: compat-wxGTK compat-wxPythonGTK2 desktop-data-model dmlite-plugins-librarian evolution-bogofilter fgfs-base freeradius-client ggz-client-libs gimpfx-foundry gimpfx-foundry gstreamer-plugins-pulse gtk+extra iozone jruby k3b-extras kdeartwork-extras kdegraphics-extras kdemultimedia-extras kickpim lessjs libggz libkexiv2 libkipi libnetfilter_conntrack log4cxx man2html mathml-fonts mediawiki-SpecialInterwiki mytop ocaml-bitmatch openal perl-Digest-SHA perl-ExtUtils-CBuilder perl-ExtUtils-ParseXS perl-IO-Compress-Base perl-IPC-Cmd perl-Locale-Maketext-Simple perl-Module-Build perl-Module-CoreList perl-Module-Load perl-Module-Load-Conditional perl-Module-Loaded perl-Module-Pluggable perl-Package-Constants perl-Params-Check perl-Pod-Escapes perl-Pod-Simple perl-TAP-Harness perl-Test-Builder-Tester perl-Time-Piece php-json php-pecl-json postgresql-pgpool pykdeextensions python-gammu python-json python-memcached python-sqlite2 python-urljr python-yadis scite superkaramba synergy sysusage tzdata-java ugene unison znc

Kind regards Till