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Charles OwensJul 25, 2008 2:33 pm 
Sean BrunoJul 25, 2008 2:44 pm 
Charles OwensJul 25, 2008 3:55 pm 
Subject:LSI LSLSAS1068 not detected by mpt(4)
From:Charles Owens (
Date:Jul 25, 2008 3:55:05 pm

Sean Bruno wrote:

Charles Owens wrote:

Good day,

We're trying to get FreeBSD 7.0 to fly on an Intel SR2500ALLX server, but the RAID controller isn't being detected properly. As best I can tell from reading man pages it _should_ be being handled by mpt(4) -- but the system boots with no drives detected. Also, it is probably worth pointing out that the system has been working before this just fine with Linux.

With pciconf I'm getting this:

mfi0@pci0:4:14:0: class=0x010400 card=0x35018086 chip=0x04111000 rev=0x00 hdr=0x00 class = mass storage subclass = RAID

I saw a commit message for mpt_pci.c from last Sept (rev 1.51 & mfc) that was a fix for a device ID conflict with mfi(4). Could this same sort of thing be happening here? What is the best way forward? Is a custom kernel with mfi(4) removed a possible workaround? Any assistance greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Can you post the boot output(or at least as much as possible)?

Ahem (blushing)... should have looked at the boot output before. It looks like it is being meaningfully probed by the _mfi_ driver. My very detailed Intel tech spec document very clearly says the 1068 controller... but from the boot output it would seem that this detail isn't accurate:

mfi0: <LSI MegaSAS 1064R> mem 0xb8b00000-0xb8b0ffff,0xb8900000-0xb891ffff irq 18
at device 14.0 on pci4 mfi0: Megaraid SAS driver Ver 2.00 mfi0: 946 (270205097s/0x0020/0) - Shutdown command received from host mfi0: 947 (4278190080s/0x0020/0) - PCI 0x041000 0x04411 0x048086 0x043501:
Firmware initialization started (PCI ID 0411/1000/3501/8086) mfi0: 948 (4278190080s/0x0020/0) - Type 18: Firmware version 1.03.00-0211 mfi0: 949 (4278190091s/0x0008/0) - Battery temperature is normal mfi0: 950 (4278190092s/0x0008/1) - Battery requires reconditioning; please
initiate a LEARN cycle mfi0: 951 (4278190092s/0x0008/0) - Battery Present mfi0: 952 (4278190137s/0x0004/0) - PD 12(e1/s255) event: Enclosure (SES)
discovered on PD 0c(e1/s255) mfi0: 953 (4278190137s/0x0002/0) - PD 12(e1/s255) event: Inserted: PD
0c(e1/s255) mfi0: 954 (4278190137s/0x0002/0) - Type 29: Inserted: PD 0c(e1/s255) Info:
enclPd=0c, scsiType=d, portMap=00, sasAddr=5000403d5b21a000,0000000000000000 mfi0: 955 (4278190137s/0x0002/0) - PD 08(e1/s0) event: Inserted: PD 08(e1/s0) mfi0: 956 (4278190137s/0x0002/0) - Type 29: Inserted: PD 08(e1/s0) Info:
enclPd=0c, scsiType=0, portMap=01, sasAddr=5000c50008479ea5,0000000000000000 mfi0: 957 (4278190137s/0x0002/0) - PD 09(e1/s1) event: Inserted: PD 09(e1/s1) mfi0: 958 (4278190137s/0x0002/0) - Type 29: Inserted: PD 09(e1/s1) Info:
enclPd=0c, scsiType=0, portMap=02, sasAddr=5000c5000847aadd,0000000000000000 mfi0: 959 (4278190137s/0x0002/0) - PD 10(e1/s2) event: Inserted: PD 0a(e1/s2) mfi0: 960 (4278190137s/0x0002/0) - Type 29: Inserted: PD 0a(e1/s2) Info:
enclPd=0c, scsiType=0, portMap=04, sasAddr=5000c5000847c79d,0000000000000000 mfi0: 961 (4278190137s/0x0002/0) - PD 11(e1/s3) event: Inserted: PD 0b(e1/s3) mfi0: 962 (4278190137s/0x0002/0) - Type 29: Inserted: PD 0b(e1/s3) Info:
enclPd=0c, scsiType=0, portMap=08, sasAddr=5000c50008478481,0000000000000000 mfi0: 963 (4278190138s/0x0008/1) - BBU disabled; changing WB virtual disks to WT mfi0: 964 (270290931s/0x0020/0) - Adapter ticks 270290931 elapsed 58s: Time
established as 07/25/08 8:48:51; (58 seconds since power on) mfi0: [ITHREAD]


mfid0: <MFI Logical Disk> on mfi0 mfid0: 137328MB (281247744 sectors) RAID volume '' is optimal

So... looks like there may be no issue... except the not-following-my-nose variety.