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Subject:Re: [INUG-Users] Netcool on vm's
From:Noel McKeown (
Date:Jan 24, 2013 4:02:23 pm

Hi Mike

Most the deployments I've done lately have been redhat running on ESX. redhat is definitely the choice OS for Netcool nowadays and must say I like it a lot having learned my Netcool on Solaris platform.

ITNM is 32-bit so each ITNM process is limited in the amount of memory it can consume.

Whatever about virtualising whats happening under the hood, I think it could still be a good architecture to site a couple of blade servers at the presentation layer for the TIPs in a large user environment. Whatever about Netcool chugging along in the lower layers, the last thing you want is users whinging about performance or user experience and java is just a monster! I haven't been able to deploy such an arch as its hard to work physical servers into project budgets these days!

Has anyone tried the above? Its something I've been trying tout for a while, I don't really have any hard evidence to back it up either :(

Thanks, Noel

On 25/01/2013 6:20 AM, Mike Vere wrote:

Has anyone deployed ITNM 3.9, Omnibus 7.4, and/or Impact 6.1 on Linux vm's? If so, can you share any positives/negatives and lessons learned from your
experience. My biggest concern is performance, and the impact on system memory from the
resource intensive ITNM application.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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