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Subject:Re: [opencog-dev] OpenCog Recap #12: January-February 2011
From:Ben Goertzel ("
Date:Mar 1, 2011 8:04:40 pm

If there's anyone else I missed out, sorry. Feel free to add anything else in the replies.

Some other stuff...

Nil Geisweiller made lots of improvements to PLN, enabling it to carry out various contextual and temporal inferences it couldn't do before... this was to enable the examples from the forthcoming "Real World Reasoning" book to be done using PLN (with human-based control using the Scheme shell)

Nil is now working on adding "metalearning for feature selection" to MOSES, as part of a commercial Novamente project

Eddie Monroe is extending OpenCog's capability to extract spatial relationships between objects from the LocalSpaceMap ... but this code is not merged yet, it's got to be extracted first from a customer-project-specific codebase... (another Novamente LLC project)

On the DeSTIN side, Ted Sanders refactored DeSTIN's API to good effect, and Michel Drenthe (an intern in Xiamen) is beginning to study his appointed internship task of porting DeSTIN to CUDA for running on GPU supercomputers

Ruiting Lian is currently working on statistical parse ranking for RelEx, and making steady progress...

-- Ben