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Subject:[Translate-devel] Which duplicatestyles are people using?
From:F Wolff (
Date:Dec 15, 2008 1:02:29 am

Hallo list

I'm writing to hear if anybody still use the --duplicatestyle with the "keep" option in any of our converters. More information about the handling of duplicates is here:

A few of these options are now getting very dated, and I'm guessing it is not widely used anymore. "keep" was probably a valid solution at the time before msgctxt and KDE comments was a possibility, but now gettext has had support for msgctxt for ages. The files generated with --duplicatestyle=keep was never valid files in the eyes of gettext anyway. It would simplify a few things if we can remove support for a few of these duplicatestyles, I think.

I'd like to hear what options for --duplicatestyle people commonly use. I think all our tools now use "msgctxt" by default, but perhaps some people are still using "merge" or something else? Please respond here in the thread.

Keep well Friedel