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Subject:Re: [grails-dev] Grails and environment-independant WARs
From:Graeme Rocher (
Date:Aug 21, 2007 9:16:06 am

On 8/21/07, Jesse O'Neill-Oine <> wrote:

We also follow the best practice of migrating the same war file through our environments, so I'm running into this same issue. Is there any reason why the grails.env in isn't allowed to be overridden by specifying - Dgrails.env=foo so that using the same war from environment to environment is trivial? It would seem that this would be a simple fix in DefaultGrailsApplication.loadMetadata() to default to whatever is in , but then to override with System.getProperty(GrailsApplication.ENVIRONMENT) if present. With that in place, I believe I would then be able to build a production war, but override it in each of the environments that I must go through for testing, etc. I would love to see this before 0.6 final if at all possible because I wasn't planning on setting up a JNDI dataSource.

I'm not sure we'll have time, I'm doing the RC tomorrow morning. If you raise an issue and supply a patch we can consider its inclusion, but at the moment the only remaining issues I am committed to fixing for 0.6 are GRAILS-1498 and GRAILS-1517



On 8/17/07, Xavier de Labouret <> wrote:

glaforge wrote:

Bonjour Xavier,

I think you may define a dataSource bean in the spring/resources.xml file pointing at a JNDI data source configured in your app server.

Exactly what i needed.

Merci Guillaume :)

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