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Subject:[OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] inventory feature list
From:Rogan Hamby (
Date:Jul 23, 2013 8:05:51 am

This is the feature list we're looking at for the inventory development that SCLENDS is looking for partners on. We want feedback from any and all but at the same we are looking for serious partners in making this happen. We've gone four years without a viable inventory solution for our small libraries since we don't have a large central staff who can help them with db level tasks and they need management tools to help them beyond doing it with buckets. At this feature point we've developed some specifications for specific means to implement these features and the price point is about $100,000 which is very doable with a decent pool of contributors. If during this phase we find ourselves adding a lot of features or making major changes that will change the price of course.

SCLENDS Inventory Overview

User Interface


Create New Project -

Name, OU, Dates, Shelving Locations, Ranges -

Upload Inventory File -

Create new, Append to existing, Assign range, Notes, Summary of totals and exceptions -

Manage a Project -

Choose project, Close project, Review and correct exceptions, Upload file, Review closed projects, Export

Secondary interface - shelf appropriateness

Defined per Org Unit:


Shelving location parameters -

order checking on/off, expectations about what constitutes a status exception - by default Available and Reshelving. -

Values are cloned from chosen defaults but can be adjusted per project or per file

Exception List


Missing items from scanned list -

Item out of order -

Item belongs at other OU -

Item wholly unknown -

Item in bad status: e.g. not available,reshelving (configurable)

Exception Management


Exceptions can be managed individually or in batch by using checkboxes to select -

Exceptions for order and status issues (missing/lost/checked out) can be corrected to available with a multi-select and one button click -

Exceptions can be suppressed if the events causing them (check-in, check-out, etc) occur coincident with the inventory process - in other words, an item being checked out or returned while you're scanning for inventory won't be problematic.

Inventory is a standalone module that can be used in several ways. The most common use would be scanning the barcodes in a pre-defined shelving range and then uploading that file to the inventory module. The file will be compared to Evergreen's expectations and knowledge of the items in that shelving range and an exceptions list will be printed show all items that are in statuses which are in conflict or are mis-shelved. The staff will manually correct items that are out of order or belong to other libraries. Staff can check-in and perform other actions to statuses from within the inventory module.

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