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Subject:Re: [regrep] Groups - patch-rim-query.txt uploaded
From:Farrukh Najmi (Farr@Sun.COM)
Date:Sep 21, 2004 5:06:14 pm

Hi Richard,

Here is my attempt to summarize your changes to rim.xsd and query.xsd for those that are new to diff -u format:

1. Makes AdhocQueryRequest more OO and extensible: -It allows an AdhocQueryRequest to carry any sub-type of AdhocQueryType (before it was explicitly SQLQuery or FilterQuery -Eliminates use of choice (a poor choice in XML Schema design IMO) in AdhocQueryRequest

2. Fixes inconsistency in how BooleanClause was written.

3. Added Module is a sub-type of RegistryPackage with no additional specialization

Here are some questions and comments:

1. Makes AdhocQueryRequest more OO and extensible:

I think the changes you propose to rim.xsd and query.xsd indeed do fix some systemic issues with our schema w.r.t QuerySchema and I am supportive of the direction of the changes. I do not know XML schema well enough to understand the syntax used in StoredQueryType and QueryExpressionType. Can you send an annotated version of just those two types? That would be a big help.

2. Good idea, though I caution that there may many inconsistencies and other issues in query.xsd in the FilterQuery schema. My position is that we should not change FilterQuery schema dramatically as I feel that we should obsolete it someday and replace qith XQuery. Until then I would like to make only safe and backward compatible changes to filter query. I believe this one qualifies as that so I +1 it.

3. I am still not sure about Modules and would like to hold opinions until I have done my homework.

Others please share you thoughts on Richard's good work here. Thanks. wrote:

The document patch-rim-query.txt has been submitted by Richard Martell ( to the OASIS ebXML Registry TC document repository.

Document Description: This patch file (unified diff format) includes all schema changes pertaining to the following proposals I recently posted: generic stored queries, extension modules, and the 'geo' module. These changes are backward-compatible with the latest schema revisions in CVS.

Download Document:

View Document Details:

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