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anna roubenJun 28, 2001 3:24 pm 
Jesse GlickJun 29, 2001 10:26 am 
Maya VenkatramanJun 29, 2001 11:20 am 
Dusan PavlicaJul 2, 2001 1:40 pm 
Subject:Re: [nbdev] java.awt.AWTError:Assistive Technology Not Found
From:Dusan Pavlica (
Date:Jul 2, 2001 1:40:17 pm

Hi Anna,

I obtained the same error, when I upgraded jdk and JaccessHelper to Version 0.3. You should set this row: assistive_technologies=jaccesshelper.embedded.EmbeddedHelper in file: jdkhome/jre/lib/ and file jaccesshelper-embedded.jar has to be placed in directory jdkhome/jre/lib/ext/ Then it's working OK.


anna rouben wrote:

Hi, I tried to build netbeans using Ant. I downloaded NetBeans-release32-src and extra binaries NetBeans-release32-src. Unfortunately, at the end of the build procedure the following error appeared java.awt.AWTError:Assistive Technology Not Found: jaccessHelper... Any ideas how I can fix it?

Thank You